New Ford Mustang Standard 2.3T cement gray Color New Cars

Ford Mustang Standard 2.3T cement gray Color New Cars

The Mustang I concept car. It is a two-seater sports car with an engine built in. The Mustang is named in honor of the legendary US military P-51 Mustang in World War II. Fighter. Because the two-seat design of the Mustang I Mustang concept car is too low for practical use, after being rejected by Ford’s senior management, Ford launched the Mustang II concept car in October 1963.

The layout was changed to the front of the engine, and a four-seater layout was adopted. On April 17, 1964, after the Ford team repeatedly demonstrated and revised, the first-generation production version Mustang was officially released at the New York World Expo. The Mustang has since officially demonstrated its style to the world. The price when it was launched was : $ 2368. Ford’s timetable is very clever. At this time, the post-war generation peak generation has just entered the age of buying a car. This generation’s requirements for the car are very different from their parents. They want to publicize their personality, and the Mustang came into being.
Ford’s Mustang’s iconic extended hood and shorter rear deck mark 40 years of history, just as these classic design styles have become Mustang’s signature since the 1960s: C-opening on the side of the body, Ternary taillights and a running horse logo in the middle of the tank cover. The wild-looking, shark-like nose of Mustang conveys to us a feeling that has been elusive since the models of the late 1960s, and is set in a trapezoidal space, decorated with gemstones. The headlights are a reflection of Ford’s amazing innovative design capabilities.
The Ford Mustang not only has the power of Peng Yue, a quiet driving experience, and a smooth shifting system, but also makes its cost performance greatly improved. The Mustang is showing its arrogant attitude of strong performance. The new car adopts 6-speed manual and 10-speed SeleCTShift automatic transmissions. The new rotation adjacent plan makes the operation more accurate and easier. In addition, the new car has a variety of driving modes to choose from. Based on the foundation of the conventional muscle car lines, a lot of curved lines have been added to make the car look more firm, strong, and more visually striking. To provide young people with a low-priced sports car, so that they do not have to worry about quotations.
Ford Mustang This car is equipped with driving mode selection system, active cornering control system, enhanced distance control system with steering assistance, panoramic body monitoring system, enhanced parking assistance system, night vision system and other equipment. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.3T turbocharged mobilizer, with a maximum power of 231kW / 5500rpm and a maximum torque of 434Nm / 2500-4500rpm. And adopted a variety of aluminum cylinder, direct injection and other skills.
Details: Ford Mustang has added insulation to bring a quieter cabin environment. The shift lever handle is in the right position for quick and accurate movement. The specially developed chassis of the new car is a completely new design, using the latest front suspension and precise three-link rear axle with lateral positioning rods. The Ford Mustang not only has surging power, a comfortable driving experience, and a smooth shifting method, but it also makes its cost performance greatly improved.

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