Top 4 2019 Model New Cars In New York

2019 Model  New Cars In New York 

With less than a month to come, 2019 will end. Friends who are going to buy a car to go home for the New Year. If you haven’t decided which one to sell, you may wish to take a look at the following good cars that will be available this year. You have some inspiration.

1. Toyota RAV4 Rongfang

Time to market: the evening of October 25, 2019

Toyota’s new SUV is a big change from the old model, with a new front face, which makes the appearance look new and aggressive. In addition, the new car also has 7 appearances to choose from, which meets the individual needs of consumers.

The side of the body uses a lot of lines, which is more sporty and tough, in line with the current aesthetic trend. In terms of body size, the new RAV4 has a length, width, height of 4600/1855 / 1680mm, a wheelbase of 2690mm. More space.

.Popular Exploration

Time to market: December 4, 2019

As the youngest member of the Volkswagen family at present, Volkswagen Exploration is based on T-Cross and uses the MQB-A0 platform. In terms of appearance, Volkswagen Detective Film follows the same style as Detective Song, emphasizing the fashionable and avant-garde design style. In order to highlight personalization and attract the favor of young consumers, it has ingeniously introduced two styles of ordinary version and R-Line on the bumper.

In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, height of 4194/1760 / 1601mm and a wheelbase of 2651mm. It is positioned as a small SUV and directly benchmarks with Qashqai, Binzhi, and Yize.

The interior is similar to T-Cross, simple and atmospheric. It is worth mentioning that in terms of color, consumers can also choose according to their hobbies to implement youthfulness to the end.

In terms of power, there are two options, a 1.4T turbocharged engine and a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine. The engine is matched with a 7-speed dual clutch or Aisin 6AT. Although this kind of power combination will not bring you an explosive passion, it will allow you to fully enjoy the economy and comfort of driving.

Summary of models: With the listing of Volkswagen Exploration, the competitiveness of Volkswagen in the domestic market has been further improved. Exploration is mainly targeted at young consumer groups. Friends who like personality may wish to pay more attention to it.

3.Honda Haoying

Time to market: November 30, 2019

The advent of Hao Ying not only perfects GAC Honda’s product line, but also forms a two-car strategy with CRV, just like Binzhi and CHR. Unlike CRV, Haoying’s overall design is more innovative and younger. The distinctive chrome strips cross the front face, and the upper and lower intake grilles complement each other. With the streamer-shaped rectangular headlights on both sides, the entire front face is not atmospheric. Lost and charming. The waistline that runs through the entire body is connected to the blackened taillights, giving Hao Ying a little more sports.

Haoying’s body size is 4634mm / 1855mm / 1679mm, and the wheelbase is 2661mm. I believe that the space inside the car will not appear crowded even if five people ride together.

Although the interior is CRV-style, the small details and materials are more attentive. For example, the 1.5T high-profile model will be equipped with the Honda CONNECT 2.0 intelligent guidance interconnection system to create a more comfortable interior space.

In terms of power, Haoying provides two kinds of power of 1.5T / 2.0L hybrid for consumers to choose. The maximum power of the 1.5T turbocharged engine is 193 horsepower, the peak torque is 243N · m, and the maximum power of the 2.0L engine is 146. Horsepower, peak torque 175 N · m; maximum output power of the motor is 135 kW, peak torque is 315 N · m. Ride comfort is the main goal of these two engines, which fits the scene of family cars.

Model summary: Honda’s implementation of the two-car strategy in the Chinese market is already very familiar to everyone, and this time with the listing of Haoying, Honda’s sales in the Chinese market will be further increased, and you may wish to pay more attention to him .

4.Chery Tiggo 8

Time to market: May 28, 2019

After talking about the joint venture brand, also talk about domestic models. Chery is synonymous with conscience in the eyes of senior riders, and often laments that it is only focusing on research and development, and it is a long way behind its opponents in promotion. This kind of view seems a bit one-sided in Xiaobian. As long as it is a good product, it will not lack the favor of users, compared to the Tiggo 8 released by Chery in May this year. It sells for 88,800 to 155,900 yuan, and there are 6 and 7 seats to choose from to meet consumers’ various space requirements.

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