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Some about of   Audi Q7 Cars 

 This Honda is equipped with a V6 engine, it is nearly 5 meters long and runs 1,000 kilometers with a tank of oil.

In the domestic automotive market, there are many outstanding models, and the joint venture models are more outstanding German and Japanese cars, German cars have three outstanding luxury brands BMW Benz Audi, and in the low-end market still has Volkswagen brand can be said to cover in all fields. The luxury brands in Japanese cars may not be so famous, but they still have a very large influence in the low-end market. With excellent quality control and sufficient economical fuel consumption, they have been leading the domestic car market. In the process of development, I never wanted to give up the luxury car field. After all, luxury cars are more well-known and more influential and play a vital role for a brand. For example, this Honda Acura MDX we are talking about today is no worse than the Audi Q7. The V6 engine is nearly 5 meters long and runs 1,000 kilometers on a tank of oil.

The Acura MDX is ridiculed as the “Honda King”. This is a medium and large SUV of Honda. The price range is between 698,000 and 848,000, which has an advantage over the Audi Q7 in price.
The design is very recognizable. The pentagonal air grille is used in the front part, which is very recognizable. Together with the matrix-type LED headlights on both sides, the whole creates a young sports atmosphere. There will also be an aerodynamic design process on both sides of the bumper, which on the one hand enhances the face value and on the other hand provides a cooling function for the braking system.
The length, width, and height of the body are 4985 1970 1715 mm and the wheelbase is 2820 mm. From the side, the lines look simpler and the fluency is extremely high. It gives a very slender and beautiful feel, and it looks more grade. The design of the rear part of the car is very simple and clear, and the design of the tail lights is the same as the style of the rear part. It is round and peaceful, and does not appear radical because of the sense of movement.

The layout of the car’s interior is unconventional and simple, because the brown hue appears more luxurious. It is also very particular about the materials and materials. The center console and the door panel are wrapped with a lot of soft plastic materials. Compared with the large area of ‚Äč‚Äčleather, it has a more high-grade feel, so it is not a Audi Q7 at all. The dial adopts the design of the physical dial on both sides and the central LCD screen, which is comprehensive and the data display is clear and intuitive. Even more outstanding is the two LCD screens in the functional display area, which has a strong sense of technology.
In addition, the car will be equipped with a 16.2-inch rear audio-visual entertainment screen, each showing more entertainment features, so that passengers in the rear will not feel bored during driving, and take care of the passengers in the rear. In place.
The seat is wrapped in leather, so it feels very good in terms of feel. The front seats will support electric adjustment and ventilation and heating functions, which are mainstream standards in this class of models. The second row of seats supports reclining proportions, and it will also have electric heating. There will also be cup holders on the left and right sides of the last row, which also feels comfortable.

As part of the power system, the car will be equipped with a 3.0L V6 naturally aspirated engine and a motor with a power of 89kw. The maximum power is 240kw and the maximum horsepower is 261 horsepower. The peak torque reaches 391 Nm, matching it The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission has a fuel consumption of about 7.9 liters, and a tank of fuel can run for nearly 1,000 kilometers.
Generally speaking, this is a very good model. The biggest highlights are safety, fuel consumption and appearance. The only drawback is that the price is too fast and the value preservation rate is too low..

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