Nissan Loulan 2019 wheelbase 2830MM ,

Nissan Loulan , 
Excellent Space Performance,
Wheelbase 2830MM ,
Classic Five seat Layout! 

The car introduced today is Nissan Loulan. The car uses Nissan’s latest design concept. The front face V-shaped design is retained, but it is more refined than previous designers. The headlights on both sides are in The visual effect has a good performance. Combined with the lower brackets below, the entire front looks more impactful. It is very suitable for young people’s car purchase needs. There are not too many complicated lines on the side of the body. The proportions are even, and the black side skirts and bumpy fenders widen the visual perception of the body.

In terms of appearance configuration, the luggage rack, shark fin antenna, and high brake lights are all configured, while the tail design is biased towards roundness and fullness. The boomerang-type LED tail lights have a good recognition when driving at night. It is double-sided, and it is also genuine. It is not like most of the current models are decorations. The overall size of the car is 4897 × 1908 × 1691mm, and the wheelbase is 2830mm.

The overall layout style of the interior inherits the Japanese family tradition, which is biased towards home use. The environmentally-friendly cockpit design uses a lot of leather soft materials. It feels very good to touch, and it looks particularly comfortable with the wood grain trim. At the same time, chrome elements are added to the steering wheel and air conditioning outlet and door handle. The steering wheel is a leather multifunctional steering wheel with a moderate size and full grip. The size of the full LCD instrument panel and multimedia display are smaller. Not very clear. The new car has mainstream configuration such as panoramic sunroof, reversing radar, head-up display, tire pressure monitoring, and line assistance, one-key start, keyless entry, and reverse image.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with 2.5l and 2.5t engines that meet the national 6 emission standards. The maximum power is 137 and 180kw, and the torque is 229 and 330Nm. The Cvt stepless speed change is matched. Box, the car’s overall performance is satisfactory, there is no problem in daily household use, and the 2.0t engine is also imported, the front of the suspension is Macpherson independent suspension, the multi-link independent suspension, the steering wheel supports 4 adjustments, Fully guaranteed the safety of driving.

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