Test drive the Audi A8L 55 TFSI

Test Drive the Audi A8L 55 TFSI

Every time Audi can surprise us in terms of technology, it has developed to the latest generation of Audi A8L. How will Audi come up with new highlights in technology to conquer consumers?

From the unheard-of W12 engine to the cost-effective ASF all-aluminum body, to the Audi Totem-quattro full-time four-wheel drive, the leading use of full-speed ACC adaptive cruise, and even the design excellence of the light unit. In the past, Audi has always surprised us with technology.

Therefore, before test-driving this Audi A8L 55 TFSI model, I have always had a small expectation in the mind: When it develops to the latest generation of Audi A8L, how will Audi come up with new bright spots in technology to conquer consumers?

Innovatining Towards Youth

Compared with the previous model, the appearance of this generation of Audi A8L has changed significantly. The most intuitive thing is that it is much younger, fading from the original calm and even slightly old-fashioned appearance, and becoming more in line with the gradual youth of the current car buying group. The trend, but the rare thing is that while innovating towards a younger age, it has not lost the share of aura and temperament that a luxury large car should have.

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This generation of Audi A8L is more angular than the older models. The six-sided intake grille, matrix LED headlights, plus the use of a large number of simple and three-dimensional horizontal lines and chrome elements are just right. Embellishment, the entire front face looks very young and simple.

With a length of 5.3 meters, the stretched body of the Audi A8L gives designers ample space to inspire. But obviously, the stalks are not what this class of cars are pursuing, so the side lines of the Audi A8L are smooth and not frivolous, without too much decoration, but the use of chrome trim is just right, which lowers the vision of the side of the body. The center of gravity has obviously helped to enhance the sense of luxury.

However, the Audi A8L did not forget to announce its determination to rejuvenate. The slight muscle lines on the front and rear wheel arches are the best proof. In this way, it not only improves the wide-body effect of the wheels, but also gets rid of the greasy atmosphere. , Kill two birds with one stone.

Incorporating more current popular design elements, while retaining the duck wing shape, the rear of the Audi A8L such as recognition and lighting effects are quite outstanding. The through-type taillights effectively stretch the wide body sensation at the rear, creating a high-level sense of the entire rear. However, the disadvantage is that the chrome-plated exhaust shape decoration is too “low-key”, which has more or less affected the overall effect of the rear of the car. Perhaps the designer “greedily” wanted to improve the sportiness of the rear of the car, but did not want to “overdo it” So there is some convergence in strength.

As the “lamp factory” first brand, the Audi A8L will naturally not give up the opportunity to show off its lighting design skills, and not to mention the styling level, the addition of black technology is enough to make people feel the power and name of Audi in the field of lighting design— —The Audi A8L’s headlights are the first to incorporate a laser light source. When the vehicle speed exceeds 70km / h and there are no other vehicles or pedestrians in front, the laser light source will automatically start to provide a wider range of exposure. The tail light uses OLED technology, which can intelligently adjust the brightness according to the surrounding environment lights. This is the function and name of the “light factory”: not to show off the tricks, but to consider the functionality of the lamp group.

The sense of technology evolves again

The innovation of the Audi A8L does not stop at the appearance. Its interior design has also undergone a comprehensive innovation. The difference is that the former focuses on youth, while the latter tends to push the creation of a sense of science and technology to a more extreme level.

With a lot of straight bars and piano paint, the interior design of the Audi A8L will be simplified and implemented, but it is not simple. On the one hand, its materials (leather, wood veneer, aluminum and many other materials) and workmanship have shown that this level should be. On the other hand, its accomplishments in building a sense of technology in the interior are unmatched by rivals at the same level.

After the visibility of the 12.3-inch “virtual cockpit” full LCD instrument panel is high, the visual impact is not so strong, but it is undeniable that the driving immersion and substitution it brings are still outstanding. However, the most amazing thing in the Audi A8L is its new MMI system-the traditional knobs and physical buttons have been replaced by two 10.1-inch and 8.6-inch LCD screens. After adding vibration and sound feedback to these two touch screens, whether it is feedback strength or the classic “click” sound of the Audi knob, people can always find a familiar feeling.

As a “boss car”, of course, the Audi A8L has not forgotten its own job in the back row. The rear row of the Audi A8L has many playable configurations, such as can be used to control multimedia systems, rear lights , Air-conditioning system and a small tablet with some functions of the rear seats. It’s a pity that this test drive is not a top match, otherwise there will be two independent 10-inch tablet computers that can watch movies and listen to music, as well as a rear foot massage function.

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