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The wildest, wackiest and most-fun mobile game to play with friends is now online

Sleeping Beast Games/Sleeping Beast Games/TNS ‘Spaceteam’ was designed to require at least two mobile phones. Prepare to shout. One of the reasons we play games is to bond, a shortcut to understanding one another and building trust. See, for instance, any number of corporate team-building exercises — the egg drop, scavenger hunts and, no one’s […]


Catch these Coronavirus-era game giveaways on PC and mobile

Provided by The Star Online ‘Totally Reliable Delivery Service’, hotly anticipated since a mid-2019 public test phase. — We’re Five Games/TinyBuild Higgledy-piggledy courier quest Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a YouTube sensation back in June 2019, heads up half a dozen great value giveaways for PC and mobile. Mixing the wobbly physics of Human: Fall Flat […]