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How to speed up your graphics card

When gaming, the GPU (graphics processing unit) is your best friend. It renders everything you see on-screen, from the user interface to the mountains rising in the distance. It works in tandem with the CPU, but really, it does the bulk of the heavy lifting, so we need to treat it right to keep it […]

Smart Phone

iPhone 12 rumors: New release date, specs, colors, screen sizes and 5G predictions

Provided by CNET The current iPhone 11s. Angela Lang/CNET With the March 18 launch of the iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Magic Keyboard accessory, Apple is still pushing products down the pipeline despite the novel coronavirus forcing Apple to close its US retail stores indefinitely and all its stores outside China. That may mean that planning for the sequels of the iPhone […]

Smart Phone

Microsoft hires Apple 5G chief to develop new HoloLens and AI products

Most of Apple’s key executives and engineers are anonymous, never appearing on stage or in news stories, but Rubén Caballero is an exception — a long-term wireless engineering VP who helped develop multiple iPhones dating back to the original model, and reportedly red-flagged the iPhone 4’s antenna design internally before it became infamous. Now Caballero […]

Mobile Game

The wildest, wackiest and most-fun mobile game to play with friends is now online

Sleeping Beast Games/Sleeping Beast Games/TNS ‘Spaceteam’ was designed to require at least two mobile phones. Prepare to shout. One of the reasons we play games is to bond, a shortcut to understanding one another and building trust. See, for instance, any number of corporate team-building exercises — the egg drop, scavenger hunts and, no one’s […]


Catch these Coronavirus-era game giveaways on PC and mobile

Provided by The Star Online ‘Totally Reliable Delivery Service’, hotly anticipated since a mid-2019 public test phase. — We’re Five Games/TinyBuild Higgledy-piggledy courier quest Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a YouTube sensation back in June 2019, heads up half a dozen great value giveaways for PC and mobile. Mixing the wobbly physics of Human: Fall Flat […]